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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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Blogger Emily said...

Interesting...has an abstract feel. I like the texture; it looks like an etching.

10:07 PM

Blogger Anonymous said...

Creative mischief .. that's what I like to see. This would make a nice etching or linocut! You could also do a colour plate showing the mischief made by the can.

1:14 AM

Blogger chacha said...

ya know thats an awesome idea anonymous, i should have put some color on the wall. although i just finished a whole graffiti painting for my sisters room so im all graffiti'd out right now. maybe ill work on another one and try some color out on it. but thanks from both of you for the awesome comments. if you mean glass etching, i could do that. my dad who has his own glass etching business has taught me well. thanks dad :) i know ill never hear the end of this now lol

8:50 AM

Blogger Toyebot said...

Texture created by pencil, ahh the good ol'days. Some hints of a color might have been nice too. Keep on truckin!

12:32 PM

Blogger steve said...

OK, first off, I've got a strange mind. So here goes. It looks like (in the cartoon world) you picked up a disposable camera and took a picture of a drain in an alley-way. But your thumb was partially covering the lens and we can now all see your thumb-print and the calluses and that horrific hang-nail. I think the flames represent the pain you felt as the hang-nail started throbbing again. :-D

7:30 PM

Blogger chacha said...

hehehehehe thats a crazy imagination you got there steve. but its pritty kool that you saw all that from my picture. guess i did something right if the background looks like a picture, not a great one a disposable one, but still a picture at that.

9:01 AM


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