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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Illustration Friday....Mischief....

so here it is, the illofriday for the week. and wouldnt you know, i actually had this one done by saturday nite. yes you heard me right folks, i actually got myself motivated and finished this one and put it online before thursday nite when i usually finish up a picture and post it online. i had the sketch of the spraypaint can done in pencil, so i finished it up in pen and added some background and thought it would be perfect for this weeks topic of mischief! hope you guys like it, and its something different from me. just like last week with the watercolor, i rarely do anything in pen. i have a hard time trying to shade and trying not to screw up cuz it cant be erased so i just stick to my pastels or my acrylics. so enjoy and let me know what you think. up next is the one youve all been waiting for......chanas graffiti collage!! but sorry to say, that one will have to come tomorrow. i dont want to crowd up one day with alot of pictures. so i will post it tomorrow. trust me its kool, but its not worth all this anticipation, although i love keeping you guys coming back for more.


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