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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Illustration Friday...Alone....

hey hey its that time of the week again. sorry its so late. had to get my paintings out of storage so i could take pix of them and post em online if they just so happen to fit the illofriday topic. i really liked this one. i wanted to clean it up a bit but i was down to the wire with this one. i still gotta put it on the illofriday website. man its kinda kool to put it on late cuz youre close to the top but then again it isnt up there long enough for alot of people to appreciate it. as long as its on my blog its kool with me and you guys get to see it. and i want your feedback!! whether it be good or bad i want to know what you guys really think. let me know and enjoy!


Blogger steve said...

I totally missed yours for 'alone' ! You gotta post a lil' sooner ChaCha !
See ya next time, it's 'Reinvent' for this week...

6:29 PM


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