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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Deceived, It's the Epitaph Weekly Newsletter!....

Here are some more inspiring words from our bud Matt at Epitaph. dude this guy cracks me up and how funny is this weeks...hilarious!

'Don’t you just love on Myspace.com how everybody has to do the obligatory “self-portrait” with their cheeks sucked in and eyebrows cropped up in a “look at how sexy I am” manner? Then you meet these people and they make you want to puke your guts out because they are so god damned ugly!!! It’s not just a few people either! Something like 98% of the Myspace.com population does this ridiculous shit! Don’t get me wrong, I’m ugly as hell, too, but at least I don’t bullshit anyone by trying to make myself look good on Myspace.com! These people make me hate the internet as much as I hate life! So, keep tricking people into thinking you’re cute on Myspace.com, but you’re not going to trick me, you ugly bastards!!! You’re stupid tactics make ugly people like me look bad!!! Knock that shit off already!!!'

Thanks Matt, for without your words of wisdom this place would be a boring, sugar-coated world. kudos!


Blogger steve said...

Maybe he should buy a sony playstation 2 and not worry about all the ugly people out there. I look like a girl, so I know better than to try those online dating services. Playing 'Spyro the Dragon' is far more fun than realizing that no-one wants you. That or start a blog and let it eat up all your freetime.

4:11 PM


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