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Friday, November 03, 2006

Photo Friday - Light...

what a coincidence that i just so happen to have a picture i took last sunday that perfectly fits with this week's Photo Friday topic of light!? now if you frequent my blog alot and you see the topic of light, something will click in the back of your head making you think that i have done something with this topic before (or maybe you could just see it on the archive list on the right hand side of my blog lol). dont fret, you arent crazy! i thought the same thing when i saw it posted, but it turns out they had the same topic of light for the Thursday Challenge a couple weeks back. anyhow, this is a picture inside a lighthouse looking up. what better way to portray the topic than of a picture with light coming in through a lighthouse?!? man, am i good or what!! so here it is, an early Photo Friday submission. enjoy!

ps. just as a side note, this is one is in my group of 'favorite shots ive taken so far.'


Blogger csmc said...

I really like the angle and color composition. Nice job!! I could totally see it on a postcard or framed on some art lover's wall. :)

4:58 PM


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