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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday Challenge - people....

well i was going to upload a picture of busy Times Square in NY for the people topic this week, but i decided to go a different route. i remembered having this picture from a friends wedding and realizing that this could fit the topic perfectly, although we would have to change the topic from just 'people' to 'important people.' aside from two people missing - coughPHILand JOEcough - this ring of friends consists of some of the most important people in my life. curtis, john, evan, pete, mike, and jared have been my best friends for quite some time now and i wouldnt exchange them for anyone or anything. i have definately had and will have a lot of good times with them! not to mention, they have contributed to some of my best memories ever....and it doesnt end there. the dave matthews band shows are our way of getting the whole gang together atleast one time out of the year, to have more good memories together to add to my list. that weekend is coming up in September and i am extremely excited about it. as long as dave keeps touring the ring of friends will keep attending.
to curtis, john, evan, pete, mike, jared, phil, and joe - thanks for being my friends! love you guys!


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