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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Take your kid to work day??...

so as i pull up to work this morning i noticed my dad had just pulled in ahead of me. out of the truck comes my mom and my sister chana. and im thinking to myself what on earth is chana doing out of school?? so my mom informs me that today is take your kid to work day, where kids skip school to hang out with their rents at their job. so in walks half of my family tree with me. me, mom, and chana all reporting to my job and ready for work. thank god my mom has her own cubicle now or else mine would have been crammed!! by the way i still have to put up a picture of my cubicle guess ill have to do that when im at home and can load the photos. but anyways. not only was it funny to be working with my mom and my sister, chana had the exact same tshirt on that i was going to wear to work today. i got out of the shower and threw on my new Riddlin Kids tshirt and then changed thinking i would wear it another day. i walk into work and see that chana had the same new Riddlin Kids shirt on, so in a sense i had some strange esp and im glad i didnt wear the same shirt. we would have looked like twins with our matching shirts and short spikey red hair. how bizarre!! oh and to make things official i made her a name tag from an apple post-it note so she could wear it around the office all day eventhough everyone here knows the whole family, i had to do it. so needless to say i had 2 helpers today and my mom could be the boss for a day. when 12.30 hit it was lunch time for me and the end of the day for mom and chana. mom even treated us to Red Lobster. mmmmm was it good! but now i must get back to work. stuffed from lunch and helper-less.


Blogger jmg said...

bradley family work day, sweet... hey chach, i'll bet if we found jobs on my book for chana and mrs. b to go along with your cover illustration and cheryl's web design, it would be even better, don't ya think? good thinkin... and free red lobster too? sounds like a pretty good day... =)

2:54 PM

Blogger Cheryl said...

man how come noone told me...i would have taken the day off and flow down for this momentus occasion...and definitely for the free red lobster!

10:30 PM

Blogger Jay said...

sounds like fun to me! I just got back from a day trip visiting my sister in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I talk to her a lot but don't get to see her very often so I was a great day trip.

9:10 AM


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