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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

To the dentist I go...

well i havent really posted much in a while. ive been sort of busy working on scanning and cropping old photos of mine, and trying to finish the illofriday for this week, i think its gonna be a close one. anywho, i am going to the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned, nothing big, but i found this funny cartoon to go along with my dental visit this afternoon, plus i get out of work for an hour or so. also happening today, jared is leaving for Philly :( he is going to be joining the Cadets Drum & Bugle Corp for this summer, and hopefully kicks some butt in the competitions. check out the dates and maybe you can catch him play - http://www.dci.org. hopefully me and the gang get to go to the orlando show to check it out and cheer him on. too bad i cant be at finals, which is at Gillette Stadium up in Foxboro, MA. being in mass, visiting cheryl, along with saying hey to jmg and some other friends, and DCI Finals, what more could a gurl ask for?!? well hope you guys are eating something spectacular while im getting my teeth cleaned at 2pm eastern standard time.


Blogger jmg said...

man, i wish you were comin up here too, chach... hope the dentist was a barrell of laughs... nice cartoon too!

2:27 PM


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