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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dropping the mask, it’s… The Epitaph Weekly Newsletter!...

well if you read the last little epitaph article i put on here last week, this one is in response to it. just another hilarious tidbit to add to those damn myspace.com people. why cant anyone see that what fat mike says is always in fun and although sometimes and most of the time disturbing and offending, people just need to lighten up. so here it is and enjoy. hopefully ill have a little somethin somethin to put up here tonite for illofriday. it wont be the completed project but it will be a little specialty just for my illofriday entry. hope you like it and ill be working on it tonite. so ill close with some words o wisdom from our buddy at the Epitaph.
'So my little Myspace.com comments got you all pissed, huh? My inbox filled up with message-after-message of critical commentary about how I “…don’t get it” and how I just “…don’t understand the whole online community thing” and how I “…must not be a cool as I sometimes portray.” Well, you caught me! That’s why I have no real pictures on my Myspace.com page! I’m really a 57 year-old, twice divorced, drunken, dead-beat dad who cross-dresses and has been in-and-out of jail for the last eight years on drugs and weapons charges! So, who is the “cool” one here now? Little Mr. and Mrs. Myspace? Or this manically depressed axe-murdered-in-waiting that writes your newsletters every week? So, looks like the joke is on you… again! My life is going perfectly to plan (see introduction) and you all are just sitting around meeting interesting people online to sleep with and/or hang out with… all the time… that’s dumb!“Eternally my soul will rot!” Matt Heinemeyer Epitaph Blizzard Beast!'


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