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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Idolizing America, it’s… The Epitaph Weekly Newsletter!....

its only fitting that i comment on the whole american idol deal, especially with the finale being tonite. so with that said.....heres your weekly dose of fat mike and the epitaph newsletter....enjoy. i should have my painting up either tonite or tomorrow for illofriday, im cheating and using a piece i did back in 01. oh well.
'So, I finally went against everything I believe in (which is very little) and watched American Idol… and of course, it made me want to puke! If that is what popular music is becoming or has become, we are all doomed! Now, I don’t claim to be in possession of the most earth-shattering music in the world, but Bo and Carrie just suck – period; especially that stupid little clown, Bo. I would love to drag that bastard outside by his cute little 80's beard, shave his hair off with a sharp rock and then beat him black-and-blue with a broom stick! I HATE THAT GUY!!! This is personal…Sorry, I just could not go to the Myspace.com subject again for the newsletter this week… Even though you all wanted to! I just hate that douche Bo like I have never hated anything before in my life. Maybe I’m just a petty, jealous, loser… Yeah, more than likely, that is the case. Some day I suppose I need to find Christ… or Yahweh… or Brahman… or Atman… or Muhammad… or I can just stick with SLAYER!“Chemical warfare!”Matt Heinemeyer Epitaph Blizzard Beast!'


Blogger steve said...

It's like a train wreck, everybody watches. Or maybe I should use the '2 yr old tantrum' analogy, the tantrums continue until everybody just loses interest and stops watching. I refuse to watch those shows and those posers labeled 'celebrities'.
No viewers, no ratings, no more show. Spread the word...

9:55 PM

Blogger chacha said...

i know. i hate reality tv!

11:42 PM


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