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Friday, April 27, 2007

Photo Friday : Relaxation....

nothing says relaxation to me like loungin on the beach on a beautiful summer day. one reason why i love living in florida is you are never far from the water. i mean, come on, could you blame me?!? look at that view!

ps. yes i know i am wearing sneakers and jeans on the beach but we didnt plan on going out there this particular day, it was just a spur of the moment thing, meeting up with some friends who were already out there.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Photo Friday - Growth....

why yes, i know you are shocked but here is another photo post and for Photo Friday's topic this time. arent you just thrilled?!?! anyways, this one could actually go along with the Thursday topic of Spring also, but i think this picture suited growth better. its perfect with that little tree sitting right in the middle of those bushes. soon it will be big and tall and will proudly shade all those cute little flowers below it on a hot summer day. until then it will just have to continue to grow. i know this is an older shot but i havent used it for any other posts. it is from the summer of 06 when my mom and i made a surprise visit to my sister in boston. this was in the boston gardens. enjoy.

Thursday Challenge - Spring

a-ha! i have an entry for this weeks Thursday Challenge of Spring. i went out fishing with curtis yesterday (which means he fishes and i bring my camera and find cool shots in all the different places he likes to cast out at) and i found some hibiscus plants along one of the sea walls. i was determined to get a new picture to use for my entry......and i succeeded! i really like how this close up shot of a hibiscus flower turned out. i wasnt exactly sure what it would look like seeing as how i was only using a digital camera. gotta love nikon though!! enjoy. oh and note that i am on time with this post and even early!