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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

welcome, welcome....

i just wanted to put up a post to introduce a newbie to my list-o-blogs and to the illustration friday realm. This guy is new not only new to the blog scene but he is also new to the illofriday scene, and he seems to be taking control of both worlds. so if you have a minute and want to see some pritty funny and intricate sketches go on over to Surviving the PHD. check it out and drop him a comment or two. so welcome to the scene, doogie wannabe, and hope these two worlds treat ya right!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

E is for enthusiastic....

so here it is guys....the illo that i had finished but just couldnt get up here on my blog in time. i was very happy with the outcome, eventhough i went through about 5 or 6 different layouts. i just decided in the end that craziness was always a good choice for my work, instead of trying to sit there and make some kind of pattern or meaning to the way that i pasted the E's on. all this one consists of is newspaper, acrylics, and a black sharpie. i loved the colors i had chosen, they just worked so well with each other that i couldnt stop painting Es...i had used almost an entire newspaper - the sunday edition mind you! oh yeah before i close out this post, i would like to thank the Charlotte Sun newspaper, for this piece would have never come to life if it hadnt been for their wonderful contribution. have a good weekend and enjoy.

Friday, January 20, 2006

E is for embittered..

man, i had one done (on time!) that i think turned out pritty rad. i painted away on wednesday nite and then did some cutting and pasting on thursday nite and got done with it around 11ish. so that nite im all excited about the turnout, which was a different interpretation of the idea i started out with, and i go to look for curtis' digital so i can take some shots and start cropping and resizing. well to my dismay, i couldnt find the camera anywhere! curtis was half asleep and after searching for a few minutes in the dark, i decided to just give up. i didnt have any time this morning to take some shots so please come back and see me again for i will definately have my illofriday submission up by this weekend!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A new year, a new illofriday.....flavor......

well here it is, another year. seems as though they are going by faster and faster. i decided to start the new year out right by getting on the ball and getting my first illofriday of the year done and finished by the deadline. however, i did sort of cut a few corners by using an older piece, but this one seemed to fit the topic. not to mention, i love to share everything in my portfolio, new and old, with everyone to enjoy. hope all of you had a great time on new years eve and your new year is off to a happy and a healthy new start. stay true to your resolutions and heres to another year! enjoy.