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Friday, August 25, 2006

I know, I know...

okay, so ive been doing good with getting my illos out on time and on my blog but this week i have a very valid excuse. my sister is coming down from boston today for the weekend, mainly to enjoy the 311 experience with me on sunday at the Fairgrounds in Tampa. however, i have been working on my illo throughout the week and it is half way done. i was going to put up a little sneak peek for everyone, but i didnt want to ruin the outcome of the finished piece. i will give you a hint and let you know that it will be a 3d canvas idea that i am working on, somewhat resembling something from a comic strip. we shall see if that is the same effect that comes across once the piece is done. so keep checking back!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hating your job or just plain fed up with stupid people?? who isnt? read this!...

well it seems as though lately ive been just completely fed up with stupid people that surround me. i thought that maybe after 5 years it would get better, but alas - some things just never change! so in anticipation for the 311 festivities and good times to be had this weekend, i have been just ignoring the idiots cuz you know there is nothing in this world that is going to ruin my 311 excitement! in the meantime i read over a passage that hangs in my cubicle that a friend of mine wrote one day. he is also a fellow 311 lover and reading it helps me get through my day. so thanks jordan, your writing helps!! here it is, enjoy and maybe even hang it in your cubicle for a reminder on bad days.

When you find yourself beginning to feel overwhelmed by negativity, you can always choose to break the pattern. Stop whatever you are doing, and for three or four minutes focus your mind on thoughts of gratitude, acceptance and peacefulness.

Breathe deeply, and relax the muscles throughout your body. Reflect on how very fortunate you are to be alive and aware in this universe that's overflowing with positive possibilities.

Give yourself a peaceful break. Give your spirit the opportunity of resetting to a more positive perspective, and it will.

In a few short moments, you can easily and naturally break free of any negative pattern in which you may have been caught. You'll be vastly better positioned to effectively respond to whatever life sends your way.

Instead of acting out of anger or frustration, fear or anxiety, you'll be able to choose your actions based on your own positive purpose. Instead of being caught up in the grip of negativity, you'll be calmly and firmly in control.

When the negativity starts to get overwhelming, choose to interrupt it with a positive, peaceful break. You'll find it can make a profound and positive difference.

Positive Energy'

so thanks Jordan, your words help to calm me down on a day that i would otherwise just like to say 'screw it' and walk out the door.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


well, not the greatest but yes it is on time and just made it too! i had this great idea in my head to use some real playing cards for an art piece, but nothing was coming to my mind that matched the things i was picturing. then, at the last minute, this one came to me. it is one of those ball and cup games from back in the day. that little game where you would spend hours and hours trying to get that ball to flip up in the cup. i figured if i made this simple little toy out of the playing cards, then it would be a little closer to the idea i was trying to portray. so here it is, play for illofriday. hopefully next week will be better! enjoy.

ps. the entire thing wouldnt fit on the scanner and the pictures i was taking werent coming out good at all, so this one had to be cropped a little.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Capture for illofriday....

whoa whoa whoa! this must be an all-time new record for chacha!! an illofriday finished before the week of work even starts, shocking!! well here it is and man did it come out exactly how i wanted it to. all i used on this was some markers and a little creativity. when i heard the topic of capture this instantly came into my head. dont know why or from where but it was perfect and i started sketching right then and there. maybe it has something to do with me watching too many 'Inked' shows on A&E - i love that show!! anyways, here it is. delivered on time and with pride. enjoy!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

So fresh and so clean, clean....

hey, what do you know, i have an illo to post and its actually a new one to my sketchbook!! i saw the topic and had this pop in to my head right away, so naturally after having an idea it wasnt hard choosing a medium and how i was going to portray it. for all of you who have to have a bottle of this on your desk at work, then you know what it is and what company it is without me getting myself into copyright trouble by printing it on there. words or not, it is still some good hand sanitizer and its green because it is the kind with the aloe :) i worked on this one day at work when there was a horrible thunderstorm outside. it forced us to shut all our computers down and just wait for it to quit, so that meant some extra time to do a little sketching! and here it is. enjoy.