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Sunday, October 30, 2005

happy halloween...

hey there. no, this isnt my illo, but a nice way to bring in the halloween festivities this weekend and to come. i finally got over to my rents house to carve my pumpkin with my sister. i must say, this came out alot better than i had thought, ya know just like everything else i do. im just glad it didnt cave in our break. i wonder how many people will be drawing and painting broken pumpkins to get in the halloween mood for illustration friday. well, i had to share my creative pumpkin carving with you guys, so i hope you like it. not to mention, i had to represent for my boys....311!!! enjoy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


wow, only wednesday and chacha has her illofriday up. what has gotten into her?!?! well, here it is. i knew when i heard the topic was remote, i had to do a tribute to one of my most favorite remotes.....my old nintendo controller. i know atari started it all for me, but nintendo was such a great system. whenever you show a picture of that remote, everyone around the world can recognize it. not only did it sound like a good idea for an art piece, but it gave me a chance to toy around with some shading and using just pen and pencil for a piece. it just started out as a little sketch, and then bloomed into this little piece that im extremely happy with. hope you guys like it as much as i do, and i hope it makes you want to dig into your closets and pull your old nintendo system out. if youre a video game lover, such as myself, you probably still have it out and ready for action. man, im getting the itch to play. enjoy.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


alright, so heres my new illo. yet again, something a little different from me but i think it worked out well. this idea came to me while i was at work. i usually run aolradio on my computer, which helps me get through my day. they have an all dave matthews channel, which i frequent a few times a day. when i heard one of the songs i love, 'grey street' one of the lines caught my attention and gave me the idea for this piece. the line that inspired me is...'and though its red blood bleeding from her now, it feels like cold blue ice in her heart....' i know my piece isnt a snowy winter scene or even a tray of freezing cold ice cubes, but i wanted to take a different approach to the topic. i had the 'cold hearted' theme going through my head, but that line gave me the complete picture to finish the sketchy idea i started with. this one is just acrylics and watercolors on a flat canvas panel. they were having alot of sales and putting out alot of coupons in the paper for Michaels, so i stocked up on some more canvas' instead of using cardboard like i usually do. so as always.....enjoy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

*gasp*....ive been tagged...

today ive been tagged on my blog. i didnt really know what it was until someone had done it! my friend onesickindividual decided to tag me, so i have to write 20 random things about myself on here and then tag as many people as it took for me to complete it. i better get crackin, who knows how many blogs ill have to be visiting. so you better watch out, you could be the next one that gets tagged!

1. drawing and painting help me keep my sanity
2. i could eat cheesecake or ice cream 24-7 and never get sick of it
3. ive been sporting the short spikey hair look since high school
4. me and my three sisters are all six years apart
5. my mom and my dad are six years apart
6. i have a hard time with watercolors, but im slowing learning
7. i love rollercoasters
8. i hope to buy a house in the near future with my boyfriend curtis
9. im filling out this tag thing when i should probably be doing some work
10. every 7 years my birthday lands on thanksgiving
11. i love to visit all these illustration friday blogs, they really inspire me and ive met alot of very awesome and talented people
12. chacha is not my real name
13. bowling is one of my favorite past times
14. clubs and concerts really get my adrenaline going, they are a must!
15. i bought my grandma a fish named sam on her 92nd birthday, she loves him!
16. i love to sleep in on saturdays and just watch cartoons
17. one of these days i will get to visit california
18. i play the clarinet
19. ive never seen snow, but hopefully one of these days i will
and finally.....
20. 311 is my all time favorite band!

so there you have it. 20 random things about myself and it took me 5 minutes to do it. hopefully i can find 5 people that will actually complete this and keep it going. so here goes nothing.....

dave b.

.....tag youre it! enjoy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


my my my...i am early this week for illustration friday! last week i just barely got my piece on before the topic expired, and here I am on a Tuesday posting my finished piece. The fact that I already had this piece done has alot to do with it, but its still early! This is one of my bigger pieces that I did back in high school. The quote is actually a line from a Filter song that inspired me to come up with this idea. Ive been waiting to use this one, and finally a subject was revealed that came close to the meaning behind it. The line from the song fit what was going on in my life, at the time, to a tee! I know being a teenager and having only school to stress about, it might seem as though kids blow things way out of proportion and worry about things that just aren't a big deal compared to the real world ahead of them. However, i was in a time in my life when i was being pushed and pulled in every direction about making choices for my future. no matter what kind of ideas or plans i had, even if they were solid and worth making...if it didnt include college, it wasnt a wise choice according to the guidance counselors. so in a sense, i was actually making progress in my life, but then someone would mention to me that i wasnt making smart decisions....stopping me dead in my tracks. the fact that all the confusion and decision making was making me seem like i was lost in the woods, brings me to the meaning behind this weeks illo. i love this piece and i really wanted to share this one with you guys and see what you thought about it. i also wanted to mention how big this piece really is, it is about 4' x 2 1/2'. working on a bigger canvas gives you a better chance to bring the piece to life and to really go crazy with it. enjoy.

Friday, October 07, 2005


man i almost blew this one!! with all the birthdays this week, it cut my time in half and i had to do this one pritty quicklike. i wasnt too excited with the outcome because i had a totally different finished image in my mind....but hey that always happens right?!!? as soon as i heard the topic i thought of someone meditating and just floating in the air all peaceful and serene. well this pose is from yoga, not sure what its called cuz im not into all that stuff, but its for real. the concept behind there being 3 images, is sort of finding your inner self. its only one person floating (which would be the yellow one) and each one on top of that is an inner layer, getting deeper and deeper and finally hitting red which would be the soul. i painted this one out and it was definately too plain to be a chacha piece, so i had to add some oil pastels on top for accents. hopefully, like some other of my pieces, it didnt ruin the outcome...but come on it was really plain and boring looking. anyawys, here it is. enjoy.