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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Interactive IlloFriday...Aquatic....

for this illustration friday ive decided to do something a little different. in the pictures i have put up here, one is an original piece from 2001 and the one with the black images on it is something ive whipped up today. i wasnt sure which one i liked better so i decided to put them both up and get some feedback from you guys. since you are always so quick to respond and give me some good criticism on my pieces, i figured who better to help me decide which they like better than those who like my art and comment on it on a regular basis. so for this illofriday, i want you to let me know which image you like better. personally i cant choose, i like them both in their own ways. so let me know what you think on my randition of aquatic. enjoy.

Aquatic revisited

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Idolizing America, it’s… The Epitaph Weekly Newsletter!....

its only fitting that i comment on the whole american idol deal, especially with the finale being tonite. so with that said.....heres your weekly dose of fat mike and the epitaph newsletter....enjoy. i should have my painting up either tonite or tomorrow for illofriday, im cheating and using a piece i did back in 01. oh well.
'So, I finally went against everything I believe in (which is very little) and watched American Idol… and of course, it made me want to puke! If that is what popular music is becoming or has become, we are all doomed! Now, I don’t claim to be in possession of the most earth-shattering music in the world, but Bo and Carrie just suck – period; especially that stupid little clown, Bo. I would love to drag that bastard outside by his cute little 80's beard, shave his hair off with a sharp rock and then beat him black-and-blue with a broom stick! I HATE THAT GUY!!! This is personal…Sorry, I just could not go to the Myspace.com subject again for the newsletter this week… Even though you all wanted to! I just hate that douche Bo like I have never hated anything before in my life. Maybe I’m just a petty, jealous, loser… Yeah, more than likely, that is the case. Some day I suppose I need to find Christ… or Yahweh… or Brahman… or Atman… or Muhammad… or I can just stick with SLAYER!“Chemical warfare!”Matt Heinemeyer Epitaph Blizzard Beast!'

Friday, May 20, 2005


so if you havent noticed or dont visit my blog enough, i have added some more blog links to my collection. let me tell you, the blogs that i have linked on the side of this page are owned by some very very talented artists. ive come across these jewels by becoming involved with Illustration Friday. i couldnt let them just slip by unnoticed and i couldnt put them up without mentioning them. you definately need to check them out and even post what you think about their work, im sure just like myself, they would appreciate some constructive criticism. i love their style and it helps me to get my gears turning for new pieces of my own. take a look and let them know what you think.
check it out and enjoy --------------------------------------------------------------------}

Thursday, May 19, 2005

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well here it is. better late than never. almost didnt make it but i cut some corners and improvised. instead of doing fruit for all of the boxes on the canvas, i just grouped the fruit i already had painted and took a picture of it. it isnt the finished product that i had planned it out to be, but i did a little something different just to make the deadline. i didnt want to fail another illofriday. so here it is and i hope you like it. enjoy!!

Dropping the mask, it’s… The Epitaph Weekly Newsletter!...

well if you read the last little epitaph article i put on here last week, this one is in response to it. just another hilarious tidbit to add to those damn myspace.com people. why cant anyone see that what fat mike says is always in fun and although sometimes and most of the time disturbing and offending, people just need to lighten up. so here it is and enjoy. hopefully ill have a little somethin somethin to put up here tonite for illofriday. it wont be the completed project but it will be a little specialty just for my illofriday entry. hope you like it and ill be working on it tonite. so ill close with some words o wisdom from our buddy at the Epitaph.
'So my little Myspace.com comments got you all pissed, huh? My inbox filled up with message-after-message of critical commentary about how I “…don’t get it” and how I just “…don’t understand the whole online community thing” and how I “…must not be a cool as I sometimes portray.” Well, you caught me! That’s why I have no real pictures on my Myspace.com page! I’m really a 57 year-old, twice divorced, drunken, dead-beat dad who cross-dresses and has been in-and-out of jail for the last eight years on drugs and weapons charges! So, who is the “cool” one here now? Little Mr. and Mrs. Myspace? Or this manically depressed axe-murdered-in-waiting that writes your newsletters every week? So, looks like the joke is on you… again! My life is going perfectly to plan (see introduction) and you all are just sitting around meeting interesting people online to sleep with and/or hang out with… all the time… that’s dumb!“Eternally my soul will rot!” Matt Heinemeyer Epitaph Blizzard Beast!'

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

funny little clip
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To the dentist I go...

well i havent really posted much in a while. ive been sort of busy working on scanning and cropping old photos of mine, and trying to finish the illofriday for this week, i think its gonna be a close one. anywho, i am going to the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned, nothing big, but i found this funny cartoon to go along with my dental visit this afternoon, plus i get out of work for an hour or so. also happening today, jared is leaving for Philly :( he is going to be joining the Cadets Drum & Bugle Corp for this summer, and hopefully kicks some butt in the competitions. check out the dates and maybe you can catch him play - http://www.dci.org. hopefully me and the gang get to go to the orlando show to check it out and cheer him on. too bad i cant be at finals, which is at Gillette Stadium up in Foxboro, MA. being in mass, visiting cheryl, along with saying hey to jmg and some other friends, and DCI Finals, what more could a gurl ask for?!? well hope you guys are eating something spectacular while im getting my teeth cleaned at 2pm eastern standard time.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th, new Xbox, and free frosties!!....

hey all. lots of stuff going on, on this fabulous friday the 13th. to all you superstitous folk out there, stay safe and be careful. on another note, big news on the newest addition to the gaming world. i saw my first glimpse at the new Xbox 360 last nite. man oh man are the graphics kickin!!! i dont watch much cable, let alone alot of MTV, but i caught the premeir party last nite to unveil the new Xbox that would be coming out around christmas time, damn those marketing pinheads who wait for holidays like christmas to release a gaming system that needs to be released to the public ASAP. pssht damn the man. release the Xbox now. if you didnt get to see the special unveiling, along with an interesting yet entertaining show put on by the Killers (love those guys) then go here http://www.mtv.com/games/video_games/xbox/console.jhtml and check it out!!! not only are the graphics awesome, but the new look is pritty slick too. its nice and skinny so you can stand it up and not have to sit that huge box on the floor for your company to trip over. you can also customize it and change the face plates which is pritty kool. one awesome thing they were talking about is this new marketplace they have on the system. you can download items to enhance your gaming pleasure which will help you get further in the game, even getting costumes and clothes for your characters! another awesome feature, the xbox360 will rip cds right to the harddrive so you can have your own custom soundtracks! cant wait to see that new tony hawk game, hes put together another one just for the Xbox 360 called Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. supposedly its going to be one huge board you can skate around on and do tricks and shananagins like the other skating games. "hey farva, whats that restaurant you like with all the doodad's all over the walls........uh, shanangins?" ooooooo. dude i love that movie, and if you dont know what its from, get educated! and one more tid bit, a tasty one to be exact. Wendys is giving away FREE junior frosties all weekend long because of that mishap with the lady and the finger in her chili. So today tomorrow and sunday go into your local wendys and demand the chocolaty goodness that is your rightfully yours, free of charge with no purchase nessecary. i know i will take full advantage of this opportunity. mmmm. Happy TGIFriday the 13th.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Deceived, It's the Epitaph Weekly Newsletter!....

Here are some more inspiring words from our bud Matt at Epitaph. dude this guy cracks me up and how funny is this weeks...hilarious!

'Don’t you just love on Myspace.com how everybody has to do the obligatory “self-portrait” with their cheeks sucked in and eyebrows cropped up in a “look at how sexy I am” manner? Then you meet these people and they make you want to puke your guts out because they are so god damned ugly!!! It’s not just a few people either! Something like 98% of the Myspace.com population does this ridiculous shit! Don’t get me wrong, I’m ugly as hell, too, but at least I don’t bullshit anyone by trying to make myself look good on Myspace.com! These people make me hate the internet as much as I hate life! So, keep tricking people into thinking you’re cute on Myspace.com, but you’re not going to trick me, you ugly bastards!!! You’re stupid tactics make ugly people like me look bad!!! Knock that shit off already!!!'

Thanks Matt, for without your words of wisdom this place would be a boring, sugar-coated world. kudos!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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New Arrival...

here is it folks, the moment youve all been waiting for. well not alot of you guys, but im sure you were dying to see what that painting i kept ranting and raving and working on looked like. i would have cropped it better but it was hard taking pix of it so i could post it up here. didnt exactly fit on the scanner lol. but anywho, here it is. this is just one of three that im doing for my sister, chana, for her bedroom. this is the middle piece, the graffiti canvas. then im going to do one on each side and they are going to be big spraypaint cans. its gonna look awesome once they are all done and hanging up. i had quite a few pictures on my post yesterday and not to metion i didnt want to take away from the new dave album or my illofriday which i was proud of, thats why i didnt put up yesterday as promised. so heres the collage and definately give me your feedback. i want to know what you guys think bout this one. enjoy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Illustration Friday....Mischief....

so here it is, the illofriday for the week. and wouldnt you know, i actually had this one done by saturday nite. yes you heard me right folks, i actually got myself motivated and finished this one and put it online before thursday nite when i usually finish up a picture and post it online. i had the sketch of the spraypaint can done in pencil, so i finished it up in pen and added some background and thought it would be perfect for this weeks topic of mischief! hope you guys like it, and its something different from me. just like last week with the watercolor, i rarely do anything in pen. i have a hard time trying to shade and trying not to screw up cuz it cant be erased so i just stick to my pastels or my acrylics. so enjoy and let me know what you think. up next is the one youve all been waiting for......chanas graffiti collage!! but sorry to say, that one will have to come tomorrow. i dont want to crowd up one day with alot of pictures. so i will post it tomorrow. trust me its kool, but its not worth all this anticipation, although i love keeping you guys coming back for more.

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Dave Matthews Band new album out TODAY!!....

Thats right kiddies...Dave's new cd, Stand Up, comes out today. since the whole album was put out for our listening pleasure on VH1, i decided to go ahead and listen to the new songs, not wanting to wait for curtis to get his copy in the mail. if you want you should check it out although im sure you guys will go and get your own copies. as for me, im liking the new stuff and aside from what everyone says, i do like their new single 'American Baby' and im sure i would have liked it regardless of the fact that it is their hit song so far off the album. 'Hello Again' is featured on this album, and was one of my favorites from the tour last year. Just like last year, I am hitting up 3 Dave shows this summer. Two back-to-back shows here with Curtis and a few friends in West Palm Beach, and one show up in New York City (Randall's Island to be exact) with Cheryl, Charlie, and hopefully Curtis for the Island Getaway show featuring Black Eyed Peas and Robert Randolph & the Family Band. It should be an exciting tour, hopefully with some impressive and memorable setlists. No matter how much fun will be had at these shows this summer, nothing will beat the glowstick madness that my friends and I brought to the Dave shows in West Palm Beach last year. The last show, last song (actually the encore), at the very end of Watchtower, we all chucked a buttload of glowsticks down into the stadium seats from our frontrow lawn seats making it a very awesome sight and a very awesome way to remember our weekend together, as well as my experience at my first Dave shows. Thanks guys, hope to see you all there at the shows this year, and if not you suck! (except for Jared who will be missing the shows due to his acceptance into an awesome drum and bugle corp, the Cavaliers, in which case we will rock out at the shows for him, congrats and good luck)

Stand Up 5.10.05
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Monday, May 09, 2005

What do Godzilla, P.Diddy (is that his name still??), and Jimmy Page have in common??

well im sure you could probably guess or maybe im just a nerd like that but here it is, another tasty tidbit from the guys over at www.on-this-day.com.....

1998 - Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page were musical guests on NBC's "Saturday Night Live." They performed their collaboration "Come With Me."

now you can make fun all you want, but i really liked this song. i liked it so much i actually went out and bought the cd single. yeah remember those things that satisfied your craving for your favorite radio song by sparing you from spending the $20 for the whole cd that you dont know if it is good or not, but just want to spend $4 on a song that you know for a fact you like, oh and not only do you just get that song, you get a couple different remixes of it as well. so you spend less, get your fix of that song, and dont have to get burnt out on repeating that same version over and over again. i say bring back the cd singles, or atleast around here. PC doesn't have them anywhere anymore. ah well. dont worry i havent forgotten about posting that artwork i promised. i have all the pictures taken, i just need to crop and resize them and they will be ready to go. that will happen tonite, even after my busy schedule of putting 24 on tivo and watching the Live DMB concert on AOL from NYC for the release of their new cd, Stand Up, out tomorrow!!! if you have AOL check it out, if not, sucks to be you. over and out.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Zeppelin setting records....

so i found an interesting little tid bit from our friends at www.on-this-day.com. thought you would enjoy it so here goes....
1977 - Led Zeppelin set a new record for the largest audience at a single-act concert. 76,229 people were at a show in Pontiac, MI.
pretty kool eh? thought so.
man nothings better than Better Cheddars and a Bud Light!

Thursday, May 05, 2005


well. i sort of did good for this week. i didn't get to come up with a piece for this weeks illofriday, which was ambition, but i kind of used the topic in a sense. ive been working very hard this week on chanas graffiti collage, and i finally finished it. all i need to do is spray it so itll stay the awesome piece that im proud of for years to come! so i was very ambitious to the fact that i didnt give up any spare time but to work on this piece and get it done. i love when i have a good idea for a piece, because once its sketched out i cant stop myself from working on it, except for the pineapple stumper, but thats a different blog post. (sorry cheryl) I will not be contributing anything to the IlloFriday website this week, sorry, but I will put up a pic of the painting i finished for chana this week. as soon as i get it sprayed and take some snaps of it i will put it on here and want your feedback! hopefully you will enjoy it just as much as i do. i must say im very pleased with the outcome. stay tuned to see the pic. in the meantime, keep it real.