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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

La-La Land, it’s… The Epitaph Weekly NewsletterI

i havent given you some words of wisdom lately from Mike over at Epitaph, so i think i will post his latest email for your enjoyment. this guy is too much!!

"I believe I have almost completely slipped into “La La Land”. I talk to myself A LOT, like way more than I should. The other day, I caught myself cracking jokes to myself, then laughing (laughing really hard) at the punch lines I delivered to myself? Sometimes I sit down in front of the TV and say out loud, “Hmmm… What are WE going to watch tonight?” This is weird, but fairly awesome because I never feel lonely anymore, which is good, I think? When I start sending myself flattering MySpace comments, I’ll go get help. Until then “WE” are fine all by myself."


Friday, November 10, 2006

Thursday Challenge - Orange....

well this is a shot of me not being able to make up my mind so i just decided to incorporate all my 'orange' ideas into one photo, and i think it came out mighty fine! these are just a few of the orange items i saw when i was looking around the room thinking of what i could do for this weeks topic. then i thought, well forget choosing just one im gonna put them all in and let them all have their minute of fame, plus i love all the different shades they add! the items included in this orange piece are as follows : small orange parking cone, orange belt, orange floral design gift bag, and my favorite part - my big orange stuffed Nemo (only a section of his eye and face of course). enjoy.

oh and i would like to thank all of you for your positive feedback on my new venture into these photo challenges. it has really opened my eyes to whats around me even more than i was realizing and im loving the fact that i have an excuse to take a million more pictures than i already do!! so thanks for the kinds words, hopefully they keep coming!

ya know what, i really like this font alot more than the one i have been using. so as of this post im making a change!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Photo Friday - Light...

what a coincidence that i just so happen to have a picture i took last sunday that perfectly fits with this week's Photo Friday topic of light!? now if you frequent my blog alot and you see the topic of light, something will click in the back of your head making you think that i have done something with this topic before (or maybe you could just see it on the archive list on the right hand side of my blog lol). dont fret, you arent crazy! i thought the same thing when i saw it posted, but it turns out they had the same topic of light for the Thursday Challenge a couple weeks back. anyhow, this is a picture inside a lighthouse looking up. what better way to portray the topic than of a picture with light coming in through a lighthouse?!? man, am i good or what!! so here it is, an early Photo Friday submission. enjoy!

ps. just as a side note, this is one is in my group of 'favorite shots ive taken so far.'

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Photo Friday - Accidental....

and here is another post...are you shocked?!? well ive been waiting and waiting to post both this one and the Thursday Challenge but blogger was being a butt and not letting me upload my photos. anyways, here is my submission for this weeks Photo Friday which is Accidental. one day while curtis and i were out fishing and taking pictures at random parks and waterways, i accidentally took this shot. curtis had just yelled for me to come to where he was fishing at about 5 feet away, because he had spotted a dolphin. so as i was getting up from my tree stump seat and trying to run over to where he was with the camera, i didnt realize i hit the button and took a picture of myself until i brought the photos from the camera to the computer. so there is my 'accidental' shot for this weeks topic. enjoy!