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Friday, November 11, 2005

a newbie to the list-o-blogs...

i was honored to have a newcomer to my blog recently, who decided to comment on my scratchboard for this weeks illofriday. (thank you for your comments by the way) whenever i see someone new has taken an interest in any of my pieces, i go and check out their site to see what kind of style they posess. well, definately go and check out the last link on my blog list, ice cream monster toon cafe. there is some really creative stuff on there and i love alot of what this artist has to offer to the illoworld. so go check it out already!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


so here i am, another week another illo....and yet another new twist. this weeks topic was the perfect time for me to pull out the scratchboard. i had only delved into this medium a few times, so i decided to get some tools and some boards and try my hand at it again. i really enjoy this one and it was a great idea for messing around with some different textures. this piece starts playing one of my fave 311 songs in my head everytime i see it, 'thank you lucky stars.' what a perfect fit right?! enjoy.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


well, i guess its better small than nothing at all. i wanted to retake some pix of this big piece i did a while back, but i had a crazy hectic week. between work, halloween, and now dog sitting....i didnt really have time to do something new or remember to take new pix of this one. Hopefully i will remember to do it sometime this weekend or next week and ill repost a bigger version of it. its a pritty big canvas....dont have the exact measurements but its bigger than 26x34, you can tell i didnt have much time to measure it either. ah well. this one was really awesome to paint and i added some glitter to the flames. i really wish i could display this one better the first time around, but alas, if i waited to post the bigger version, i wouldnt be able to get it on the site in time. so here it is. i will repost hopefully by next week. so please come back and check on it if youre interested. enjoy.