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Saturday, April 30, 2005

105.9 birthday bash concert pix....

as promised once again, below are some pix from the concert that chana and i attended here in our hometown of PC. the bottom picture is me and her in the crowd after the Riddlin Kids set, which was an awesome show. then the middle pic is the way they had the stage set up on the baseball diamond, mind you it was before the show started, that wasnt the total outcome of people. there were alot more people after it got dark, but i wanted to take a pic that you could see. those disposable cameras are good if youre close up to whatever it is your capturing. not so good with distance in the dark. and the top picture is the band American Hi-Fi, lemme tell you those guys are really awesome. good people. oh yeah and if i dont mention this chana would strike me! the guy on the very right is holding a cd in his hand that is all signed up, well that is her cd. :) just thought id throw that in there for her. enjoy the pix and ill have to put up some more next time its show time. enjoy.

American Hi-Fi
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stage before it started
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chana & me in the crowd
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Less Than Jake pix...

as promised, i posted a couple pix from the LTJ show that i went to 2 months ago. geez its already May!?!? but anyways. the one on the bottom is me and my 2 buds, evan and phil. we do not miss a LTJ show that is in the area and if only 2 of us went it just wouldnt be the same. its either all 3 or none at all. the picture below is the crazy circle pits that the band always eggs on. and if you can see in the background is the stage. stayed tuned and above i will put pix from the 105.9 bday bash i went to with my little sister. enjoy.

crazy pit & stage in background LTJ 05
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phil me evan LTJ 05
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Thursday, April 28, 2005


yeah yeah i know its a little late but i did have this one done early, just couldnt get it scanned and online until today. better late than never ya know. anywho, hope you guys enjoy this one. its a nice little mix of medias. watercolor in the background, oil pastel to add some color and shade, and some marker to just accent a couple things. this one is daring in a few aspects that i hate watercolor and im horrible with them so it was daring of me to try and use them on this small piece, plus i dunno whos more daring in this picture, the worm inching towards the fishs mouth or the fish inching towards the worm on that sharp hook. enjoy lemme know what you guys think!!

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Take your kid to work day??...

so as i pull up to work this morning i noticed my dad had just pulled in ahead of me. out of the truck comes my mom and my sister chana. and im thinking to myself what on earth is chana doing out of school?? so my mom informs me that today is take your kid to work day, where kids skip school to hang out with their rents at their job. so in walks half of my family tree with me. me, mom, and chana all reporting to my job and ready for work. thank god my mom has her own cubicle now or else mine would have been crammed!! by the way i still have to put up a picture of my cubicle guess ill have to do that when im at home and can load the photos. but anyways. not only was it funny to be working with my mom and my sister, chana had the exact same tshirt on that i was going to wear to work today. i got out of the shower and threw on my new Riddlin Kids tshirt and then changed thinking i would wear it another day. i walk into work and see that chana had the same new Riddlin Kids shirt on, so in a sense i had some strange esp and im glad i didnt wear the same shirt. we would have looked like twins with our matching shirts and short spikey red hair. how bizarre!! oh and to make things official i made her a name tag from an apple post-it note so she could wear it around the office all day eventhough everyone here knows the whole family, i had to do it. so needless to say i had 2 helpers today and my mom could be the boss for a day. when 12.30 hit it was lunch time for me and the end of the day for mom and chana. mom even treated us to Red Lobster. mmmmm was it good! but now i must get back to work. stuffed from lunch and helper-less.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Bands that have been heard of playing in Port Charlotte??

dude tonite is the nite for an actual show to hit port charlotte. i know weve had some in the past but this one actually appeals to the younger scene. tonite our local alternative rock station, 105.9 the buzz, is having their birthday bash right here in port charlotte. bands playing are actually bands that you have heard of and have more than one cd that didnt hit your stores..American Hi-Fi, Riddlin Kids, MCLars, and Bowling For Soup...dude how kool is that. im definately there cuz itll be a good time and some decent music. no less than jake but hey you cant be picky. also, i would like to announce that it will be chanas first concert. so im stoked that it was actually somebody good and not too far from home and a friday nite. no obligations in the morning so we can go there tonite, which the venue is only 15 mins from home, rock out and not worry how late we stay. hopefully she has a good time and that is my job tonite to definately show her how to have an awesome time and enjoy some good music. now if only i could talk curtis into going to new york then wed be set. hey check out the website here. you can check out the concert tonite and even stream the station on your computer. plugs aside, cant wait till tonite!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Holy Smoke...It's the Epitaph weekly...

well i tried posting before and the damn thing wouldnt work...so here goes nothing....
ive decided to treat you with some more memorable words from my friend and yours...Fat Mike at Epitaph with some insight on the Pope....
NOTE: if in any way the following excerpt offends you, immediately stop reading the passage and smack yourself a few times in the face for not lightening up and laughing for the humor in it, no matter how rude or disrespectful it may be. everyone needs to laugh. enjoy!

'The Catholic Church has always been an austere institution steeped in history, mystery and tradition; the most sublime of which is the selection of a new Pope. My parents taught me how the Papal selection process works when I was young, and here is how it goes: all of the world’s Cardinals gather in Rome, enter a small room, fire-up some weed and hot box the room for about a week. All of their smoke escapes out of a little chimney on the roof – alerting people that the process has begun. Then, they lie around, eat holy snacks, play a lot of video games and decide who the new Pope is going to be. When they finally decide, they fire up their best weed – I mean the most sacred of chronic - and this premium stuff produces white smoke – which alerts the thousands of patrons in St. Peter’s Square that a new Pope has been selected. There! See! You learn something new every day!'

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

IlloFriday stumper....Reinvent

so heres my contribution to the illofriday collage...not my greatest one yet but i couldnt just skip out cuz it was a stumper...so here goes...the regular red and black ladybug decided to step out of the norm and go with a new look, kinda reminds me of a techno remake of the original ladybug...and there you have the ladybug reinventing itself....lemme tell you i had a couple ideas in my head but nothing that i had to put on paper...then this one hit me tonite...after a pritty crappy afternoon at that. my car battery died so i spent a good deal of my afternoon at auto zone getting my car battery tested and getting a new one put in. guess its a good thing that i got a new one now and a good thing that my mom had my car and not me ( sorry mom ) but ah well all better now. however i did get a package from cheryl in the mail which i thanked her for and made the day better!!...also, i did get something accomplished tonite. instead of paying my bills, running my errands, and cleaning the bathroom at the house like i had planned for my wednesday nite, exciting i know. instead i ended up going to auto zone spending money on a battery and pumping out my illofriday piece after some much enjoyed taco bell. ( mmm jmg ur favorite ) well now that its 11pm and im still up when i should be staring at the back of my eyelids, im gonna get to bed now. let me know what you think and enjoy. hopefully ill have another rude yet hilarious excerpt from the epitaph tomorrow. well see what kind of goodies come my way.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

JMG has done the deed...

well well...JMG has finally cracked and made a blog for himself. hopefully it wont be a whole site about yankee hating (although u still dont partake in that like u told me right?!?) anyhoo, just wanted to let you guys know that i have added him to my section of good blog links, along with a few other interesting blogs that i check daily. sorry i havent posted in a while but i will get to it. just been busy with some stuff lately. still working on illofriday too, man this ones a tricky one although i have a million ideas. however, im one of those that has this awesome picture in my head of a piece that i want to do and when i finally sketch it out and complete it with color, doesnt look like the idea i had in the beginning but turned into my kind of art. so all in all its a crazy process. hopefully ill have something up for ya by thurs. i havent missed a week yet, and got good reviews on my past illos so hopefully i can go for 3 and 0. have a good tuesday, man i cant wait till lunch and its only 9.30am!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Illustration Friday...Alone....

hey hey its that time of the week again. sorry its so late. had to get my paintings out of storage so i could take pix of them and post em online if they just so happen to fit the illofriday topic. i really liked this one. i wanted to clean it up a bit but i was down to the wire with this one. i still gotta put it on the illofriday website. man its kinda kool to put it on late cuz youre close to the top but then again it isnt up there long enough for alot of people to appreciate it. as long as its on my blog its kool with me and you guys get to see it. and i want your feedback!! whether it be good or bad i want to know what you guys really think. let me know and enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Boo-hoo, it’s… The Epitaph Weekly Newsletter!

I’m so sick of celebrity “boo-hoo” books. Jane Fonda and Tatum O’Neill are all over TV crying about how horrible it is to be them. I heard Tatum O’Neill say, “You have no idea how painful it is when your dad yells at you!” Yells at you? Are you kidding? Imagine if all you had to bitch about was your dad yelling at you? I think I am going to attend Tatum O’Neill’s book signing with a nail gun, pin her book to her forehead with four or five nails and then, I’ll ask her about hurt and pain. I promise five nails across her forehead will hurt way worse than her dad yelling at her... Idiots!

you guys should definately sign up for the epitaph weekly newsletter...dude i love reading that thing....go and get it....
sorry i havent been posting...been busy lately trying to get some cds out to some buds o mine and trying to work on my art a little more. went fishing this past weekend with Curtis in Boca Grande....ended up catching a jack and curtis caught a nice sized mackeral. you should have seen all the little bonnet head sharks and not to mention the crazy dolphins throwing fish around like little gymnists in the water. man it was funny.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Illustration Friday....Travel....

so ive finally put up my interpretation of 'travel' that is the Illustration Friday topic....althought it was cutting it short, i made it....hope you like....

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Today in 1968....

so as i was surfing the net i decided i hadnt posted anything in a couple days...been busy and really tired probably because of the damn time change. anywho, i came across a kool site that tells you what happened today in previous years in regards to music, like milestones and new releases...so heres an interesting fact for today....
On this day, in 1968, Pink Floyd announced founder Syd Barrett has officially left the group due to his suffering from psychiatric disorders compounded by drug abuse.
hmmm....interesting, eh?
check out the site here its pritty kool to add some new music info to your memory bank for that tie breaking music culture question on trivial pursuit.....

Monday, April 04, 2005

welcome back
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shes baaack..

well its official. mom is back and in action at work with me today. pritty kool now that i have someone to talk to in the mornings and it definately makes the hours go by. above is a picture of the sign i put up in my cubicle to commemorate her return to the office.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


sorry about that last post. kinda long for a blog but it was pritty interesting stuff that had to be posted. hey jordan thanks for giving a call the other nite, would have talked longer but we just got to the pool hall to shoot some. im pritty tired after fishing today, and chana was the only one that caught a fish, a little bass at that. ah well theres always next time.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Are you serious?....

here is the long awaited post by many, it is the post after the LTJ show. i know its been a couple days but here it is. sooo the show was awesome. ya know aside from the few crazy moments but thats what made it quite the experience. so me evan and phil all enter jannus landing just as the last opening band is finishing up their last couple songs. we find a good spot and chill before they come out. just as soon as they come out on stage and strum their first chord, phil is gone and headed up towards the front while me and evan start to yell and jump around. just then we notice there is an older couple infront of us with their son, i believe, and he looked about 12 or 13 maybe. so all of a sudden we notice that a huge mosh pit has broke out infront of them. i thought i was crazy but i heard both the husband and the wife yelling and getting in peoples faces for pushing and shoving them. so me being me, yelled 'hey, its a LTJ show what did you expect' the husband, beer in hand, turns around and tells me to mind my own business. well fine, let the games begin. so second song starts and were screaming and yelling and jumping and pushing and shoving and they are still looking ticked off and hating life. out of nowhere someone runs from the back and pushes through them to get to the mosh pit, but before he could reach it the wife pulled the guy back and got all up in his face. his friend had to do everything he could to hold him back from hitting her and all i heard from the whole arguement was from the guy and he said 'damn lady i said excuse me what more do you want'. are you serious?!? this woman is up in a grown mans face yelling at him, at a punk show mind you, because he didnt say excuse me. they needed a huge reality check. right after that, this other kid was getting ready to push through them but i grabbed him first and said 'whoa dont push through them unless you say excuse me', so with a puzzled look on his face he went around them. of course the husband heard me tell that kid what was up so finally by the end of the second song they left. the show from then on was kickin!!! good setlist, even a couple new ones. good times were had by all. at the end of the nite we finally found phil, who surprisingly hadnt lost anything this time in the crazy circle pits. let me tell you what though, i think this is the record breaking show for the amount of lost shoes at the end of the nite. i saw maybe 3 or 4 guys walking around with shoes in the air hoping that a one sock one shoe guy or gal would find them and be reunited with their footwear. all in all, it was a good time with some buddies i hadnt hung out with in a while. we took a whole roll worth of pictures, but i gotta wait until evan gets them developed. when i have them in hand, i will definately put 1 or 2 of em up here. man i cant wait until i take chana to her first show on April 22nd. American Hi-Fi, Bowling for Soup, Riddlin' Kids, and McLars are coming to port charlotte, yes thats right the port charlotte stadium where the charlotte county rangers use to play some ball. for those of you who arent from around here or havent even heard of port charlotte, the closest shows are usually an hour and a half drive away so this show being maybe 20 mins from our neighborhood is a big deal, not to mention they arent just some hole in the wall bands. should be a good time, hopefully without some annoying parents that dont belong there. keep the tunes cranked.