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Friday, August 26, 2005

311.. in the news...a must read...

so as you all may know, or not know, i am a HUGE 311 fan. well whenever my guys are in the news i like to just take a minute to applaud them for a job well done. cheryl and jmg attended the Mass. 311 show last Friday, the 19th. they called me 3 times from the show-once before they went in to their seats, once during All Mixed Up (one of my alltime fave songs), and once during the drum feature during Applied Science. i was already excited to be getting those calls and it was pumping me up for the show i will be going to on september 3rd, but im very pleased to see they are still pulling out the big drums to join Chad Sexton in some rockin beats!!! as a result of that show, there was this article in a local paper up there that my buddy jmg sent to me for my reading pleasure. now it is my turn to take it and turn it on over to you, just to show you that 311 can still rock the place and keep up the funk. talking about them just makes me want to go put on a cd or two, and it will only be a week from tomorrow that i will be in tampa heading my way down on into the pit for an awesome show. for whatever reason, this stoopid blog wouldnt let me put the link in there, so i will put it down here instead.
'cant nobody do it like 311...break it down what it is...dedication!!!'

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


whoa! dont reset your computer screens, chacha has actually posted an illofriday ON TIME. and early!!! although i did cheat a bit. i had this one for a while now, and ive been just waiting to be able to use it for one of the topics. this one fit it perfectly, along with helping you to uncover a more serious artistic side to me. however, i did have a little help on this one, but only in what steps to take next. this one was done a few years back in an awesome art class i took over the summer with my little sister. the teacher we had was so crazy and soo much fun. she was really open minded and did permanent makeup for a career aside from her painting. how kool is that?!? but she taught me how to do this wonderful landscape using the dreaded medium i try to stray away from......watercolor!! and i must say im very proud of this one seeing as how it was actually completed and looked like an actual scene. this is one of 2 landscapes that i completed using watercolors, and probably the last 2 landscapes i will complete using watercolors. im sure depending on the topics of illofridays future, i might pop out the watercolors for a more serious attempt and i might just even be happy with outcome. so i hope you guys give me some good criticism on this one. enjoy.

Friday, August 19, 2005

an illofriday repost....wisdom....

well ive decided to repost this illofriday so you guys can get a better idea of what was put into it. i didnt even realize you could post pictures directly on here, which my buddy anonymous had told me. ive been using Hello to post my photos on here ever since i started the blog, and that is why you couldnt click on it and zoom in on it. i want you guys to enjoy my artwork to the full extent, so i have started with this one and have reposted it. hopefully now you can click on it and see the detail. however big it becomes once you click on it, thats as big as i could make it on this thing. if it works okay, then i will be posting all my illos this way from now on. enjoy!

Thursday, August 18, 2005



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wow, you guys must really like me. you seem to always come back for more on these illofridays! by the way.....i thank you for that! just like a few other of my illo-masterpieces, this one came to me at the last minute. it actually has a deeper meaning behind it than you might think, although you guys are sometimes better than me at interpreting my work. so the whole idea i had for this one was that life is like a puzzle. there are soo many pieces to choose from that will fit into the empty spaces, but its very overwhelming and very tricky to figure out. however, if you use the wisdom that you have acquired over the years from those more experienced than you, it is less complicated to complete the puzzle....or in puzzle terms, you will atleast have the right pieces that put together the border. i always seem to do those first and then work my way in. either way you look at this one, i hope you like it and leave your comments on it. for those of you curious enough, yes i did use real puzzle pieces for this one. i figured the real pieces would give it a better effect than if i had just drawn in my own. TGIF. and...... enjoy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

NEW 311......TODAY!!!....

311.. - DTOM

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well today is the day my friends. the 8th album, Don't Tread on Me, by the band that ive adored for over 10 years now, 311, is being released today for your listening pleasure. although many of the songs, including the whole album on myspace, has been leaked and most of you have already heard it all the way through. me being the big fan that i am, decided to wait for the cd to actually come out in stores to listen to it, so i could blast it on an awesome system either at home, or more preferably, in my ride. also, there are certain stores doing free giveaways with the purchase of the new cd, such as bsides, remixes, and even a free 7" vinyl with a few songs on it. if any of you remember from when Evolver came out, they gave away 7" vinyls with that one as well. im not exactly sure what stores are doing this, but i know if you go to the 311 website they will probably have it on there under their news section. i know for a fact Newburry Comics is doing this giveaway, since i had my sister purchase the cd there for me last year to get the record and there arent any of those stores around here. so check out what stores offer what before you buy, but definately go out and get this cd TODAY! im sure you will enjoy it. cant wait to see them on Sept 3rd in Tampa!!!!
'i am a music lover, and somehow i get paid. this song would still exsist if no money was made, thats the difference. i summed it up in a sentence." --311..

Friday, August 12, 2005



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well here i am, running very, very short of the deadline for the illofriday of empty this week. although, i did make it and before friday morning at that. what now?! heres one that was inspired by myself and by andy warhol's marilyn monroe. i know its not an exact interpretation, but it gave me the idea to use a repetitive image in different colors and different shades. also, what better way to express the topic of empty than with a background of million dollar bills, but empty piggy banks. pritty ironic isnt it?? although when i was younger, my piggy bank was nearly empty and consisted of mostly pennies. if i was to check it now, im sure id be wishing to have those pennies back. ah well. hope you guys like this and hope you give me some comments! tgif tomorrow. cant hardly wait. until then...goodnite and enjoy.

Friday, August 05, 2005



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heres a new attempt to my illofriday once again. eventhough it was probably because i was cutting it close to the deadline, all of my art supplies were at my parents house. so i improvised and thought all day yesterday of something i could throw together that i will still be proud of enough to post on the site and on my blog that would not only reflect my style, but that would still get the topic across clearly. as i was throwing this one together, i was really proud of the outcome and it also gave me another new piece to add to my growing collection. now i just have to work on trying out new sizes to my work. alot of these ones that i just bang out real quick a day or so before, are all usually 8x10 or smaller. with having limited space to do my art the way i would like to, its difficult to work on larger pieces that i was so use to doing. not to mention that these days its harder to store the bigger ones, eventhough they are my most favorite kind to create. the little black box on the hand that is holding the baby says 'one love.' i thought if you clicked on it from my blog it would be big enough to see but it wasnt. bummer. oh well, im still very excited about this piece and i went through a hundred quotes about aging before i found this one that i had to put on there. "Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art" - Garson Kanin. enjoy.